Going to Court

We hope we can save you the time and expense of contested Hearings. But if you make the decision to take one or more issues to a Court Hearing, don’t be afraid of the experience. Contested Hearings usually don’t have the tension and spectacle of the Trials one sees on TV. Moreover, we will prepare you fully for whatever role you will have to play.
    For purposes of litigation and, more particularly, for the benefit of the children, we encourage you (and your spouse) not to speak disparagingly of your spouse to or in front of your children.

The lawyers and staff of The Law Offices of Sarah K. Brandon, P.C. operate as a unit, each doing those tasks which they can most efficiently perform. For example, our legal assistants will handle much of the information gathering and status reports. You will likely be dealing or interacting with the entire staff during the course of our relationship.

"Listen to what she tells you...
. . . Her reputation with the Court and just about anyone you’re going to run into there is truly astounding—she has clearly earned her status and is respected by everyone involved in the Courts in which she practices. If you truly know you’re in the right in your situation and need a strong advocate on your side—do your best to get Sarah."
                            ­– Shana, (Client), Jan. 2015

Attorneys Fee and Costs

Jennifer Caldwell,
Lead Paralegal and Office Manager

Unless otherwise noted in website -- Not Certified by Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Our Staff

Sarah K. Brandon

Danielle Korns,
Litigation Assistant to Sarah K.


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Sarah K. Brandon

Neither divorce, modification, contempt, nor any other legal action is inexpensive. We will give you an estimate of your legal costs in our first conference. Also, we will send you a bill each month showing services rendered and costs incurred to date, so as to keep you fully informed.
    You may be assured that your legal costs will be proportionate to the difficulty of the case. For example, a case involving no children and no significant amount of property will cost less than child-related suits. However, where significant amounts of property and income are involved, or where children are involved, the stakes are higher and the complexities greater; accordingly, the cost is greater. We will never suggest that you invest more legal expense than the case is worth.
    Whether or not attorney’s fees are charged against the other party or your ex-spouse depends upon several factors, including whether or not your ex-spouse is in violation of the previous order or there is a great disparity in the parties’ respective incomes. Absent special circumstances, Courts generally require each party to pay their own fees. We will discuss this with you and will advise whether you should seek to have your attorney’s fees paid by your ex-spouse.


Relationship of Attorney and Client

You can be sure that we will give our complete loyalty to you and your case. Your spouse or ex-spouse is not our client, and we will do nothing for or on account of your ex-spouse unless you tell us to do so.
    You can be sure that we will treat whatever you tell us, lawyer and legal assistant alike, in total confidence. This is our professional obligation, enforced by the laws of Texas and the Code of Professional Responsibility of the State Bar.

Jennifer Caldwell joined the Law Office of Sarah K. Brandon, P.C. in May of 2009 as the Office Manager and Lead Paralegal.
    Jennifer graduated with Honors in 2002 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science at Chapman University and continued her education at Chapman University towards her Master’s Degree in Education before moving to Texas with her family in 2004. Before joining the firm Jennifer taught preschool at Sunset Canyon Baptist Church and was a substitute teacher for Dripping Springs Independent School District.
   Jennifer married her high school sweetheart in 1996 and now has three amazing teenagers, Morgan, Ryan, and Abigail. She enjoys spending time with her friends and family, reading, watching movies and spending time with her puppies, Chewbacca and Paisley.

Sarah K. Brandon, Family Law Attorney

B. S. University of Texas, Arlington, 1990

J.D. Oklahoma City University School of Law, 1993